Monday, 14 January 2013

Just another one of those day ...

For those of you who live in the Uk.  Like me you probably woke up t a white morning. There was a mini winter wonderland in my own back yard. Unfortunately by the time i actually pushed myself to get out of the bed the snow had melted and so no opportunity to take some nice artsy pictures with the snow. I didn't really do much today. I know its starting to sound boring and sad but yes!!! Once again i had my head in the books. At least for a while until i snuck off to town ( its not my fault i had to pay rent and i know online banking is amazing, but call me off fashioned its nice to have human contact you know) but i did a little bit of shopping and i will try to do a little haul style blog for you guys if you want but then like a nice little student i had my head in the books once again. I am desperately trying to finish my three 2 (yeah i finished one today) assignment and prepare for my exam. I think my lecturers got together and planned to ruin my start of the year but giving me assignment all due with days of each other.

It was soo cold today but i love my comfy, cuddly scarf cos it did amazing in keeping me warm

Bag- Zara
adjustable rings- Asos
One of my fav Boots this winter. From river Island on sale right now and unfortunately they do not have my size in the black :'(

Hat- Primark
Scarf- gift
Leather Jacket- Local shop
Jumper-Thifted (from my mummy's wardrobe)
Boots- River Island

No foundation for me today. just filled in my brows and  put eyeliner on and slapped on the mascara and lipstick and i was ready to go.

I love my cute hat from Primark i cant believe that its only 3 pounds.
 I am really sorry for the picture quality as well.. by the time i left the house it was past 4 and in this uk this mean the sun was all but gone and my camera decided to die on me so i had to use my iPod. I thought rather crappy picture than no pictures right.  Cos i basically spent the day in the house i was wearing my pj's until i decided to venture out so i just chucked on any old thing.

Issie xox


  1. You're gorgeous , love the hat xx

    1. thank you so much hun. Just went over to you blog and you are pretty wow yourself. i really love you style and some of the things on your wish lists have been on mine as and we are both called ISSIE/ IZZIE.LOL

      Issie xox

  2. You're so pretty! and I love the simplicity of your outfit. x

    1. thank you .. and that you for following my blog as well. I am at Uni with a lot on my plate so often i dress for comfort (and a bit of style i hope)


  3. awesome bag and love the pink beanie <3
    thanks for the love hun, i'm following you now!


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