Saturday, 12 January 2013


it was as cold as it was magical
As much as i got to hate 'nation' we had some pretty amazing times and now that i am back i actually miss then. Never thought i would be saying that!!
We had fika nearly every other day and sometimes twice a day.( Fika- an excuse to indulge in cakes and biscuits , chill with friends and in our case play yatzi)

every party i went to seemed to have a theme :P

My Amazing family whilst i was in sweden. Miss them all soo much.
This i think was the best weekend every. I will be going to sweden every year Valborg now i think :D

I spent most all day trying to finish my assignments (I never learn ... every time i promise myself that i am going to get my assignment done 2/3 weeks before they are due and here i am stressing because my assignments are due on monday>> does anyone else do that?)  and since i am the queen of Procasination it gave me time to think. I started remembering what i was doing this time last year. I was on exchange and omg do i miss it. For those of you who don't know..(most of you) i was lucky enough to spent a year in sweden. It was an amazing opportunity and one that i wish everyone would get to experience as part of their university experience. I made some amazing friends.. tried and failed to learn the language but most of all had the most amazing time. I never took a gap year and this felt like one.i didn't feel too guilty since i was there studying. I got to discovered the hidden coffee shops in Lund and the gems that are vintage shops in Copenhagen. So i thought i would share some of the picture from last year simply Because 2012 to me was exceptional  and i hope 2013 knows that it has a lot to live up to :P
So what are your best memories of 2012 ?

Issie xox

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