Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I have been to Hades and back!

omg.. i just realised how wild my hair looks. i apologise for the unkempt look i was rocking.lol.

everyone think this look like tyra banks. what do you guys think?

no comment but they are going to kill me.

i dont who what was going on here but it was after 16 hours straight of being in in the library so excuse how rough we look.

shes sexy and she knows it.lol. she will kill me for this picture
The last few weeks have been hell. i am sure all university students who have had coursework's and exams during this past month know exactly how i feel. i am soo sad that i never had time to take picture play in the snow when it was snowing  this month and instead found myself stuck in the university library desperately failing trying to get my work done.. Lucky for me its all over now so i will have some serious time to dedicate to my little blog and hopefully watch it grow. i havent done anything fun what so ever, nor have i worn anything that interesting and this my lovelies explains a little about why i haven't been blogging much.. unfortunately my camera is still off at the doctors but i am going to my mummys house this weekend so i will be picking up my old camera i left there. Thats enough of my rumbling though.. i thought i would share with you the photos/fun me and my friends had in the library in between revising.. 
so what have you guys done to start of 2013? i feel like because of all the work i have had  to do, friday when i handed in my last assignment became new year day for me.. i hope that makes sense. it makes sense in my head. but then it always does.lol.

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