Friday, 11 January 2013

The beginning of the End!

It sounds so serious and scary and it is. This is the beginning of the end for me..For a year now i have wanted to start a Blog but i have been too scared, often making up excuses; what if i write or do something that future employers won't like. That didn't stop me having Facebook though.I  wanted to take a gap year to travel and explore the world and 'discover myself' but seriously i mean it. But there was uni and my fear that if i took a year out i would enjoy myself too much and might lose the motivation i need to carry on with my education. Anyway i have decided that this year is the beginning of the end for me. The end of me making excuses and letting life go past.After all, i am at the ripe age of 21 ( yikes i still cant believe i am turning 22 this year... it will soon be time to turn to the eye creams), but seriously i am 21 and i haven't done all i planned to do by now. I have let time go past without seizing the opportunities i have been offered and this is the end of that. Like i said this is the beginning of the end. No one is holding me back except for myself. So join me on my journey as i strive to discover what can happen when one girl decides to open all the doors open to her. I want to share my world with you guys, my thoughts on my daily fashion choices, the random thoughts i have at 3 am. ( right now its 3 am. Hell my dad always said life starts whilst others sleep.Well my blogs life is starting whilst others are sleeping i guess) and most importantly my struggle to fulfil my dream to become a lawyer. 

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  1. I hope the blogging goes well, I seen you comment on my blog tips photography and I have 2 other post about tips too (: feel free to check them out :D and we can follow each other xxx


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