Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back to Notts--- girl time

Nails - Sally Hansen Blue Me Away
Faux Fur Collar- ebay
Nails- Market, Asos and topshop
Hat- ebay

Jacket- Dorothy Perkins
Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Scarf- same

I love these shoes soo much i wish she had found my size when she was buying them... but yeah they are from  you guessed it DOROTHY PERKINS. lol.

Natural makeup
Bag- BHS

Rocking the BOx Braids. i am tempted to get my hair like this as well.

Jacket- local shop
Jumper- Topshop
Dress- Warehouse
Tights- Cosy pair from primark

lips- M.A.C Rebel

shoes- office

Today me and my mum met up with my sister and we went for a wonder in town. It was suppose to be just a relaxing girls day out with maybe a spot.. and i mean just a spot of shopping but i think i am going to have to borrow a suitcase by the time its time to go back down to London seeing as how i have brought wayyyy too much as well as being spoilt by my mum and sister. It started snowing a bit as well but unfortunately for me and fortunately for my family who all seem to hate winter, the snow did not stick. :( ( i just want to built a snow man and have a snow ball fight.. i didnt get to play when it was snowing last time due to the number of coursework's i had) I love snow and winter... its was one of the reasons why i choose to live in sweden last year.  Plus i love winter fashion.. i can wear all the dark colours i want without my mum calling me a goth or saying i am too depressing. Even those who hate winter have to admit that there is something magical about waking up and looking outside to find everything all white. 

I didn't bring that many clothes with me to nottingham so i had a limited selection. i just threw this outfit together and was out the door. I love my black... grey and what nots so i am going to try waring more colour this spring summer. ohh and i have a treat for you.. my sister agreed to feature on todays post.


  1. Hey girl :) love the way you had your hair in a bun in the first pic. Lovely outfit and those shoes are stylish :)

  2. aww thank you soo much... i have cut my hair now so i cnt do high buns for a little while.. have to be happy with weaves.

    Issie xox

    1. oh yeah but I guess we`ll just have to rock our weave, hihi :) because I just cut mine too <3

  3. very beautiful, i love your face!!! so sweet :))


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