Sunday, 24 February 2013

Down time...

it was soo pretty buy the river and the sunset was amaze balls

jacket- local shop
dress- topshop
scarf- tie rack
bag- zara
necklace- made by myself
shoes- new look
belt- Pimkie

i am hoping those are not wrinkles but rather my squinting my eyes to avoid the sun light!
Weekends are my down time. I normally spend them cleaning( i always seem to be cleaning and i dont even know where the mess comes from) and catching up the  reading  and tutorials i need to do for the next week. ohh the life of a law student is so tedious. Any way this time we decided we needed time to ourselves and instead of making our way to the library we found ourselves drawn to the sun and went to our favourite bar Woodys by the river to share a bottle and catch up. I love the grey t-shirt dress that i wore, as its so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. i apologise if u get bored of the shoes.. i love them so much plus it doesnt hurt that that are comfortable :P and due to too much work, i am too lazy to go through my wardrobe and find something else to wear. what have u guys been up to this weekend and what do you normally do at weekends?

Issie xox


  1. You are a real beauty! Thanks for the comments on my blog and I think you should wear your hair out sometimes! I thik you´d rock it!
    I am folowing back <3

    1. thank you hun. i will be doing that in summer i think, the horrible winter in london is just not friends with my plus weave keeps me


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