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My February Favourtites

Seeing as how this is going to be my last post for the month of February, i thought i would wrap it up with my first ever monthly favourites post. I will endeavour to make this one of my monthly habits! So here are some of my most used and favourite products from the month of February.

Face Favourites:

1- Sleek Contour kit

I have been contouring my face for just over a year now and whilst i have loved the effects (who doesnt want a slimmer more defined face) i was not too happy with the bronzers that i tried .. that is until i found the sleek contour kit. The first one i tried was the Nars Casino bronzer which i think would work wonders for lighter skinned ladies but just did not do it for me. Although it was matte which i loved @ £30 combined with the fact that it was just a little bit too light for me i could have done without it. Next i tried the Too Faced  Chocolate Soleil Matte bronzing powder. This was fantastic and i love the fact that it is made with real cocoa.But still it was too light and had i been a few shades lighter it would have been perfect. But back to the sleek contour kit. It is simply amazing... the colour is perfect and pigmented and it is as easily blendable as it claims. The product comes in three shades; light, medium and dark. After my complaint about the other bronzers being to light one would think that the dar would be perfect for my but no.. i have mine in the medium and its perfect. I use my Real Technique contour brush to apply and  i have to say ladies if you dont already have one.. then please go to your nearest superdrug and try this. It is also easily affordable at just £6. 49. Just realised that this had turned into a mini review .lol.

2- Collagen Face mask
A few weeks ago i was in central London and was walking around china town to see if i could find any beauty gems from Asia and especially Korea that i could discover when i came across this gem. I now wonder what my life was like before it. Anyway i brought one packet and when i go home that night after my normal face routine i decided to treat my face. After just 30 mins my skin looked plumper and was dewy. yes DEWY!!!. it was so hydrated and and smooth. The next day i sat on my computer to try and find my magic mask! and luckly i found it on amazon!!! yeahhhhh and you can buy 10 of them for about £9 including delivery. The delivery is very fast and i have since got my mum addicted to it as well after giving her some to try the last time i was at home.

3- Carmex
I use this lip balm  all day every day and it is an integral part of my lip care routine ( i will be doing a blog post on this very soon ) and at night i tap it and then smooth it onto my lips because a little bit goes a long way.. It smells lovely and tingles a bit which  i love!  It is actually still there in the morning and my lips feel soft and moisturized. I’ve tried loads of lip balms over the years and this one is one of the few that actually works.
4- Real Technique Core Collection brushes
I love all the real technique brushes and even prefer them to my mac ones. I will even go as far as saying they are the best brushes i have ever used.. Not only are they affordable but they give a flawless airbrushed finish in a natural way and for those debating whether to go get them i have three little words for you--- GO GET THEM!!!

Body Favourites

1- Soap and Glory 
Hand Food-I am in love with this hand lotion!It sinks in right away leaving my hands silky smooth and it is not greasy at all. I love the smell. Some people i know hate it but for me it ish lush since it remind me of one of my favourite perfumes Miss Dior Cherie. 
Heel Genius-
At only 21 i should not have hard/ rough skin and yet i did before i discover this little gem due to my love of heels. This product is amazing and it moisturises very well and i have noticed a massive difference since using it. My heals are soft and ohh just amazing!

2-Givenchy Very Irresistible L'Intense
I was looking for the perfect winter perfume and lucky for me when i went home to visit my sister just before christmas she had this and wasn't to happy with it. After just one sniff i feel in love and i had a massive grin on my face on my way down to london after that. It is a beautiful feminine smell and it not al all like my other perfumes. I  normally really love vanilla scented perfumes but this was just perfect for winter!

3- Cocoa Butter
I have been using this since i was about 15/16.The texture is thick, yet it absorbs fast, not greasy at all, work wonderfully, moisturises dry skin, soothes itching, hydrates enough until next shower, and I do think this help to even out skin tone as well. I bought this because my skin needed a little bit more hydration during winter and it has deivered.Without a doubt the best body moisturiser I have ever tried.

Fashion Favourites

 I love these glasses from Primark especially the gold hardware on them. I am sorry to say i might even love them as mush as my ray bans and at £2.50. They are simply amaze balls

Those of you who have kept up with my blog (massive big thank you) would have noticed that i only bought this scarf a few weeks ago but it has quickly before a favourite one of mine seeing as how it is soo easy to style and layer. 


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