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Get to know me Tag!

My little blog is turning 8 weeks on the 11th of march and i am turning 22 on the 12th of march so i thought i would do the get to know me tag, so that you guys can...wait for it.. get to know

1.Are you named after anyone?

Ehhh i dont think so. I was meant to be born a boy  so you can imagine  my parents surprise when i popped out. One strange cool think about my name though... I have 2 brothers and 1 sister and all their names are almost the same... Didier, Dieudonne and Diane plus their middle names all begin with I. So my name deffo stands out :P

2.When was the last time you cried?
I normally dont cry that often but so far i have cried liked 4 times this year already slimly because i was either stressing about my prospects after uni or about my coursework's. I am not a pretty crier so i try not to cry if i can and if i do, i do it in private!

3.Do you have kids?
No. I want to have a career first before having kids so i dnt see kids in my future for at least another10-15 years time. I do however have a god sun and he has to be the cutest thing i have ever seen :)

4.If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
This has to be a tricky question. if i say no then i am a horrible person right.. but to tell you the truth i admire my friends sometimes. I can be quite stubborn and loud  but loyal and nice i hope :D. i am also fun i think and i hope that i am one of those people who as well as taking gives something back.

5.Do you use sarcasm a lot?
I dont think i do but people are always asking me if i am being sarcastic or accusing me of sarcasm when in truth i am being serious. I guess it has something to do with my tone of voice. i dnt know!

6.Will you ever Bungee Jump?
I want to soo bad. In my first year at uni i was luck enough to sky dive and since then i have wanted to bungee jump so badly. It one of the things i want to do before i am thirty.

7.What is your favourite cereal?

I dont know its its a cereal technically but i love having porridge in the morning with fruits (both dried and fresh) and honey. I also love the special k flavours. they are soo yummy.
picture from Pinterest

8.What is the first thing you notice about people?

I dont know why i always look to see what shoes they are wearing then.. their smile and teeth.. i love dimples on people and finally their eyes. I think you can tell a lot about a person with those three things.

9.What is your eye colour?

My eyes are a dark brown.. and i mean a really dark brown.. sometimes when i get excited people tell me that i look as if i dont have a pupil since my eye just goes one colour.

10. Scary movie or happy ending?

Out of the two i would choose scary movies, but i dont think i have seen an good scary movies recently. If a had a wider choice though i would have chosen action movies. I love all the Bourne movies and Taken 1 &2. Law abinding Citizen.. ohh i could go on!

11.Favourite smells?

I love the smell of vanilla and coconut. whenever i buy candles or body sprays i always buy vanilla, vanilla and coconut or vanilla sugar... arghhh i can smell it now as i write In winter though i love the smell of cinnamon. just because if i close my eyes i can see christmas!

12.Summer or Winter?

I am one of the few people i know who actually loves winter.... I was born and raised in a sunny climate and until the age of 10 i had never seen snow. But now i love winter and snow.. I even went to live and study in sweden for a year just so i could experience a colder Seriously though, winter is the best since you can layer up and most importantly I DONT SUFFER FROM HAYFEVER IN WINTER!

13.Computer or Television?

I dont really have time to watch tv anymore.. plus i can watch tv on my computer but not virsa versa. I love my Macbook and can normally be found on it whether working on uni work or my blog.

14.Whats the furthest you've ever been from home?

That depends.. I have always travelled as a child and never really stayed in one play for every long. so If you mean home as in where i was born and my parents where raised.then i have never really lived there. But if you mean home.. where my whole family lives.. then i moved to sweden for a year all by myself. is not too far since its a 3 hour flight max but you it is in a different country.

15.Do you have any special talents?

Not really.. i cnt really sing or dance but people always say i have magic hands since i give such good massages.. so yeah thats my talent. giving a

16.What are your hobbies?

I love reading soo much. whether it is books or blogs if it is interesting i will read it. My mother is soo annoyed with me since i have over 2 hundred books stored in her house. I keep taking some to the charity shops but then i haul back twice as many as i have taken. I need to invest in a kindle to be honest but i love the smell and texture of a books. omg you will think e weird I think my blog is going to be my new hobby as well. I am loving having a blog.. its like my little baby.. i have to feed it with regular posts so it grows up :)

17. Do you have any pets?

Unfortunately i dont have any pets. Because i am a student and will continue to be one for the next few years i think it would be cruel to have a pet atm since i just dont have the time nor do i have a permeant home base.As soon as i am able to though i am going to get my self a dog. I want a pomeranian and or a yorkie.. or maybe even a pomeranian husky mix :)

18. Favourite fashion Icon?

I dont follow the trends.. i dress to suit my style and body and although i mind look at trends and see how i can incorporate then in my style i dont go crazy. I try to buy pieces that are classic and i can wear all year round as well as through different trends. My personal fashion icon who for me changed the face of fashion and the world are .. Edie Sedgwick, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.
The great Coco Chanel

19. How would you describe you style?

I would say that i have quite a versatile style.. i dont really fit in one box. One day i will ware something quite girly and feminine but i will always try to mix it up buy wearing a beanie or leather jacket. One thing that is consistent is my love for monochrome outfits and pops of colour here and there.

20.What do you want to be when you grow up?
 I want to be a practising lawyer!! and Later on God willing a wife and mother.. but i want to be a lawyer!

21. Why did you start your blog?
I started because i have always kept a journal and for as long as i can remember i have wanted to start a blog or a youtube channel but i was too shy or nervous.. i dont know. I have followed beauty crush find her here and Style Suzi find her here and some of my friends started making blogs and finally this year i made myself start one. it has been amazing and you guys the reader always make my day when i log on and i see a comment or that people have just popped by :)

I tag all everyone who hasnt already done this and please leave a link to your blog in the comment section. I want to discover new blogs and bloggers.




  1. You were in Sweden? What part of Sweden? I actually live in Uppsala.

    1. hey yeah... i was living in Lund. I love sweden soo much and i cant wait to come back for Valborg!!.. going to check you blog.. thank you for introducing me to it.xx
      Issie xox

  2. Aw you seem really nice!

    Really like your blog :)


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