Friday, 19 April 2013

Fashion Spotlight- Time to relax

It was a nice day so instead of being stuck inside all day doing work ( being a good student) i decided to rebel and go down to the river and have lunch. Enjoy the sun and just chill out a bit. I think once in a while we all deserve a break from life and for me recently things have been getting worse and more stressful and so it was a well deserved break.

I have something wrong with me though and so need to go to the dentist soon.( i am putting this off as i still remember the last i went was for root canal- even now the memory causes me to experience pain.)  I am not sure if its due to the fact that i am vegetarian or because i grind my teeth ( the more stressed i get the more i grind them so right now its BAD) but my teeth have been chipping and breaking away. I dont have any fillings so its not tooth decay but something else and its seriously worrying. What will i do when all my teeth fall out and i can no longer smile? As a broke student i will not even be able to afford veneers.

Anyway moving on to fashion... i have been quite relaxed with my style recently and have ben going for things that are comfortable and easy to wear since i am spending more days revise and just working out in the gym like i said. I love this shirt soo much and i think you can find the same if not a similar alternative everywhere on the high street atm. The leggings were my fav topshop ones (thank god they are not see through like the last post) I also accessorized with my comfy black boots from new look which i think only look better as they age and get worn. Once again i wore my trusty scarf, beanie and leather jacket combo.

I hope you have all been well and thank you for bearing with me as i go through this horrible time of revison and exam. If you have any suggestions as to what i can do to help with my teeth then please get in touch :)

Issie xox


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  2. You have such great fashion sense and i love your blog!! I follow you, it would mean a lot if you checked out my blog and maybe follow me back? xx

    1. i love your blog darling. thank you for the lovely comment :)

      Issie xox

  3. Outfits on point.

  4. great post dear.
    would u like to follow each other?

  5. another fabulous look! love the combination of the monochrome stripes and the tartan scarf- so prefect! i really like your blog- i am your latest follower now! =)

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)


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