Saturday, 6 April 2013

March Favourites...

 Beauty Favourites:

I spent most of March on a spending ban and for once i actually followed it so i didnt really buy anything new that become a favourite but here are a few beauty and fashion items that i loved last month. So i was loving  a natural.. smokey eye as my every day look and to achieve this look i used the H&M two tone eyeshadow. I then used the Chanel compact for nights out or special occasions like my birthday night out and  the law ball which i have already posted about! Both these mini pallets are amazing and i know i am going to over use them this summer. Although, there is a big difference in price, to my suprise the quality of the colour on my eyes was actually the same so go and try out the h&m eyeshadows if you havent already done so.Not only are they cheap but they are fantastic.

I dont know why but my lips have been extra dry this month and i have to say my carmex has been a life saver once again. As most of you know by now, i love all things soap and glory and have been loving this big butter tub recently. It leaves my skin feeling like heaven on earth. I mean it. Not only does it smell amazing and  but it leaves your skin feeling so moistured and silky. I will definately be repurchasing  it in the future.Seeing, as how we are coming into summer now i was also loving my YSL Parisienne perfume. It is the perfect summer smell. It is strong and distinctive enough that you only need a few sprays to last you the day, which is fantastic when you consider the hefty price tag that come with it.

 I saved the best for last.This mascara is amazing. Don't waste your money with the high end mascara like Lancome and Ysl. I have tried them all and never gotten the result that this Maybeline mascara gives me. I have always sworn that i had really short lashes but i swear this mascara makes them appear to be twice their normal length! yep TWICE!! And finally my new favourite nude nail polish. It amazing and i have been rocking it nearly everyday this past month. My only issue is that it chips quite easily but i guess at just 2 pounds what do you expect?

Fashion Favourites :

Because of the easter holidays and the spending ban i didnt really go out much  seeing as how i had revision to do and no money to spend :(. Thus i dont have that many fashion favourites this month expect for this lovely necklace below, which although i have had for a while, i have only just started loving it again. Dont you just love shopping your wardrobe and rediscovering pieces long forgotten!I also have been loving this lovely pastel green jumper that i feature in my last haul. It is the perfect transition piece into spring due to its material and colour :) And at only 6 pounds you cant go wrong. Thank you Primark.

Dont ask why but i love being silly in photos :P

What were you loving last month? I have just realised how often i said amazing in this post. I guess march was full of amazingness :)

Issie xox


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    1. thank you babes. You are lovely and i am loving your blog as well :)

      Issie xox

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