Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dressing for purpose

beanie- ebay
dress- topshop
plimsols- Primark
jacket- local shop
scarf- gift (primark)
necklace- ebay

As most if you know I have been spending the majority of my time in the library and have been dressing accordingly . I need something that is functional and in issie style a bit stylish as well.. I have never been one of those girls who is happy to leave the house without making some sort of effort with my appearance . I wish I was but I am not . Having said that, recently I have put my heeled boots to rest and have started wearing all my nice comfortable flats I have in my wardrobe. I am proud to report that I have even bought some trainers to wear. You never know I might even start wearing nurse shoes soon.lol. I finish my exams next week and I am so excited an scared at the same time. I feel as like if I
mess up these exams then I have messed up my whole life. I feel confident that I should pass and maybe even get a 2.1 but because I am aiming for a first and it's making me stress and anxious.arghhh I am even starting to get stress spots :(. Go big or go home right. and yet i still have to be realistic. 

Anyway moving on to the fashion side of things. I pulled out this turtle neck midi dress that I brought from topshop a while ago but I haven't had a chance to wear.I love this dress so much that I brought it in the black as well. I put on my leather jacket and some pimsols and that was my outfit done for the day. And it wouldn't be complete without one of my trusty beanies as well :) Commercial law is calling me now so I have to get back to it. And I hope all of you who had your first exam last week (monalisa) had an alright time with it and all the other ones are coming along nicely as well :) #weareallinthistogether

 Issie xox


  1. Nice outfit.
    I like the dress :)

  2. Love your dress! You look great! :) xx



  3. Your blog is most adorable....

    I have followed you!



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