Friday, 17 May 2013

Fashion Spotlight- Naughty Mini Haul....

As most of you know i am fast approaching my exams but ( Today is actually my first exam so wish me luck- just wanted to edit it before posting) when i am stressed i love to shop so i have been naughty recently and have been nipping to the shops here and there over the past few weeks. I keep telling myself that i deserve a treat for remembering everything i am trying to remember for these finals. I thought i would share some of the things i have bought and if you see anything you want. Go and get it because we all need a treat now and then. p.s. Good luck to everyone under pressure at this moment in time.

Jacket - Primark
white silk top- Car Boot
Coral and white stripped top- Primark
Purple Midi Skirt- Topshop
Orange Beanie- Ebay
White and black mesh top - Primark
Silk Marilyn Monroe Scarf - Present

I brought this for £3.50 from the car boot sale and i still cant believe i found something this good for that price

Coral shoes- Primark
Black Strappy heels- Primark
Tan cool heeled boots- Topshop
 white plimsols - Primark

Lion head necklace- Ebay
Middle necklace_Ebay
Last one_ present from my sister (boutique in nottingham i think)
 Issie xox


  1. I love this scarf with Marilyn Monroe print *,*

  2. Hi Issie!

    Love your blog! Just spent far too long reading when I need to be revising for my exam tomorrow - oops! I love the jacket I need to get to Primark!

    My blog is still a baby I've had it up for a few weeks now, so would really appreciate it if you took a little look if you have a minute
    I will enjoy following you and look forward to your future posts!!

    Emily xx

    ps. Good luck with your exams!

  3. Love it! The black wedge is so cute! :) xx


  4. I do love to shop at Primark - I am just like a kid in a candy store, everything catches my eye and most of the things land in my bag. Lovely finds, need to look for those black strappy heels, they look nice.

    Enter lovely sunglasses giveaway on my blog, Issie xx

  5. So need to get my hands on one of those Lion necklaces, it's been long overdue!

    My first exam was today also, good luck with yours :) x

  6. love all your items!xxx

  7. Loving everything :DDD Need all :D
    Amazing Blog !!! Greets from Germany :) I am following you now :D
    Berlin Fashion

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  9. Great blog and nice post! Amazing pics! I will be here more often, I'm your new follower!
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  10. Some lovely purchases, nothing better than a spree to cheer yourself up! I did the same, pre and post exams ha!


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