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Den Haag Day 1......Karadzic and the ICTY

 This post is going to be a little bit different but i hope you guys find it interesting since i am sharing an aspect of my life i have never before. As most of you know i have just graduated with a law degree and it is my hope to one day become a successful lawyer and i have a vivid interest in international law in particular, largely due to my own back ground and history.. but that is for another post. Anyway one of my professors who teaches us international criminal law offered us the opportunity to journey to Den Haag and sit in the court sessions of some of the trial currently ongoing. It had been our hope to see the Charles Taylor case at the Special Court of Sierra Leone, however that was not to be. We were giving the amazing opportunity to watch the Karadzic trail in the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY)  and i say amazing because it simply was and it gave me motivation to keep working through my struggles and ensure that i succeed. For those of you who have no interest in world politics or law i am sorry for this post. Below are some pictures of the ICTY.  Unfortunately it is not permitted to take pictures inside when the court is in sessions :( and i didnt not want to be held in contempt of court. 

My fellow lawyers and friends Jo and Shante came along on the trip as well :)
As some of you might know Karadzic is defending himself, however he does have in his court the amazing Peter Robinson. Peter and his interns are there to provide any legal support he might want and to explain to him how the Court itself runs. Upon meeting Peter it was clear to all that this was a very caring, intelligent, motivated, driven individual. He spent the better part of the afternoon education us on the Karadzic case and explaning to us how we too could get to be where he is in life.. He answered our numerous and no doubt tedious questions gracefully and did not make any of us feel inadequate as so often happens when you meet someone you admire. 
group picture with Peter Robinson. sorry its a bit burly.
Karadic was able to be on the run for 11 years after his arrest warrant was issued mainly due to his change in appearance. He grew his beard and put his hair up in a high bun ( started off the current trend i might He went by the name Dragan David Dabic. From the beginning he was a poet and a alternative medicine doctor and he simply went back to that. What is surprising though and perhaps what offers the most into his psych is the fact that whilst on the run he published numerous poerty and often attended and gave talk at medical convention. All this with the knowledge that there was an international man hunt out for him.
picture from google
 However, you should not let appearances fool you. Though he might have looked like father Christmas he is accused of and is on trial for two counts genocide and  nine counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes. This is an ongoing case that will take several years to be done since there is a lot of evident to go through and witnesses to examine. I am told there were over 118 live witnesses for the prosecution alone. The picture belong shows one of the crimes he is alleged to have done. Ordered the killing of Bosnian Muslim Males and then having them moved and reburied inorder to cover his tranks so as to make it harder to identify the victims.. If, like myself you are interesting in the outcome of this case then please visit the ICTY which will give you more detailed information and will allow you to keep up to date.
pic from google
I am guessing it was not just us with questions for him- picture from google.
I sincerely hope i have not depressed you too much since i know this blog is mainly a fashion and lifestyle blog but i wanted to share my experiences and thoughts with you. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Holland try and visit The Hague seeing as its just an hour on the train away from Amsterdam. It is an experience you will not forget.
Scarf- present
Top- topshop
Skirt- primark
Belt- vintage
Jacket- local shop
I swear all my friends are babes! We found some time whilst there to enjoy den haag and explore a bit.

Stay tuned for the rest of what i got up to whilst in holland. I promise it wasnt all law ;)
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