Friday, 7 June 2013

We made it.....

I have a feeling this is going to be an epicly blog post full of pictures. I know its been a while since i posted but i have finally finished my exams and i am so excited to now have time to dedicate to my blog and finding a job.. This is the day we finished exams. We decided to grab a quick lunch since it is never wise to drink on an empty stomach plus we all though that it might be bad form to start drinking before it was even 12pm. Lucky for us there is an oriental shop nearby so we made our way down there to grab some bubble tea as well. mmmmmm if you have not had bubble tea you need to try it. i heard costa are starting to do it so if you do not have an oriental shop nearby pop to costa :). The weather wasn't that great but we decided to brave it and make our way down to my favourite bar down by the river. . By 4pm we heard that slug and lettuce had 241 on cocktails and so we made our merry way there whilst stopping to sing silly songs... make noise about how we are now layers and take pictures to commemorate the day. By the end of the night or i should say the next morning around 8am when we finally made it to bed we had made a memory that none of us would ever

 yummy lunch with Shante and B. The faces we pulled were simply the

if only i could remember what was said

has anyone seen happier people than law students who have just finished their law exams.
By this time we were starting to feel the drinks so i found this bath chaise amazing and Bilor decided to ride the pony down below

Did i hear some one say snake bite shots... Arghhhh

 Finally these were the faces we were pulling by the end of the night. i am going to get killed for the last  few but i just had to share. Plus people need to see what happens when you have over 10 cocktails 3 glasses of wine and god only knows how many shots.

 I hope that those of you who have finished exams did well and those who still have them good luck. i am now going to run to town and do a bit of shopping. me and a few friends are going to the Hague and Amsterdam on sunday so i need to buy some essentials. :) any excuse to shop really.

Issie xox



  1. I have my final Law exam next Friday so the smiles on your faces are slightly making me tear up :') There's no happiness like the happiness after finishing Law exams!

    Mona xx

    1. omg yes. only another law students can understand exactly how you feel. it is only starting to hit me now though.. after four long hard years i am now a lawyer but then i dont have a job.. i have loads of debt and now i am struggling to find a job :(. but good luck and you will do well. i believe in you. :)
      Issie xox


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