Sunday, 11 August 2013

Come with with round the Riverside Festival

We had the nottingham riverside festival over the weekend and me, my sister and one of our friends decided to brave the unstable, unpredictable weather ( one minute it was sunny and the next it was horrible and raining) and venture out to the riverside embankment where it was being held. I love going to fairs, carnivals, and festivals. But i have to say i was a bit disappointed this year in terms of ride quality. The feeling that one gets when you are being span  upside down and span around at ridiculous speeds is one that i crave. I get my high everything i travel and the plane takes off or we have a rocky landing. I dnt know what it is about me but i just love that feeling you get in your stomach. And s you can imagine my disappointment at the rides that were available. I still managed to have fun though going to all the craft stalls and just exploring a chilling plus discovering some awesome brazilian band.yummy brazilian talent This post if full of pictures so i hope you guys feel as if you were a part of my experience. :)
My beautiful sister and our friend  just on the outs skirts of where the festival started.

like i said not the best rides on offer but what can you do?
Even in the crash i made them all stop so we can take

ARGHH i made a run for this stall when i saw the fudge. I am addicted to fudge and am always willing to try new favour so i was happy to see some weird and wonderful ones on offer.

We then ended the night sipping on some rose watching the fireworks light up the sky before we proceeded to make our way home. 

Didn't get the best pictures of the fireworks. sorry i was too caught up in the moment.I hope you have all had a great weekend so far and i will talk to you all soon. 
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    1. thank you hun and i am checking your blog now .

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    1. thanx. checking out your blog now :)

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