Thursday, 8 August 2013

Naughty Haul - £20 challenge.

As  i told you guys a while ago me and my sister challenged our selves to a £20 shopping challenge and i have to say i am so proud that i actually managed to find some amazing deals and didnt go to much over the budget. When i was taking pictures of the outfit though i thought to include two other items that i got over the past month since i didnt see the point in having to do another haul for them. I have looked over my little haul i am sure it will not surprise most of you to see that a lot of the things are either black or white and grey! I just cant help it i guess

Mazi dress- H&M £8
T-shirt dress- H&M £3
I love these two dresses so much and they were an absolute find. I went into H&M looking for thier basic black mini dress similar to the one i wore in my last ootd. However when i came across this maxi dress i had to have. It doesnt look like much on the hanger but its amazing and also has a little angelina split that doesnt come up to high.  Plus it was only £8 and that was it not on sale. The grey t-shirt dress proved to be a great find in the sales and i have already worn it here if you want to see what it looks like on. I bought both i a large so they they would fit a bit oversized since i cnt bring myself to wear bodycon things now that its this hot!

Shirt- Primark £12
Skirt- New look £6
Dress- Dorothy Perkins present from my sister
Necklace- H&M £3.99

I am in love with this skirt.( its the print and the fact that it sort of feels like a faux leather type of material as well i think). Me and my sister wondered into New look when we were shopping and its a shop that neither of us really ever visits but we were pleasantly surprised on this occasion. Since graduating i have had a lot of job interviews and so i have been trying to but up my work wardrobe and this was an amazing find since even when at work i want to still have something that makes me stand out instead of the standard granny style pencil skirt. I have an interview today and i will be wearing this skirt so i will make sure to take pictures for you guys but wish me luck.
I have a love hate relationship with this shirt so maybe you guys can help me decide. When i tried it on in the shop i  loved it but then at home there is something about it i cnt quite seem to get over. I went to return it the other day but once i got to the shop i fell in love with it again. I dont know whether it is the shop lights or something but once again now that i am at home i am not quite sure about it so maybe you can all help me decide. Yay or nay to the shirt? This is i think the nest buy of the trip. Its was £4 from H&M and i am so glad i came across it. Its perfect in its simplicity and will go with all my outfit. Go and get it if you have a H&M near you.Ciao for nowIssie xox


  1. You bought some lovely items!
    Your blog is lovely as well!

  2. Great finds!

    1. Thank you hun. It was a lovely challenge.

      Issie xox

  3. Hi there, you have a great blog! Well done for doing it under £20 - I'd never be able to!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog.
    Much love, Sarah x

    1. Thank you hun and it was a challenge but it made shopping so much more fun. I was on a mission and was like a lady possessed. Left a comment on you blog which i was already following :)

      Issie xox


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