Sunday, 4 August 2013

Review- La Femme Beauty Sky blue Cream

Ok so this is my first ever review of a product so just bare with me and i have to say this is just my opinion and i respect the fact that yours might be different so just respect mine as well. :) When i was in town last week, i needed change for the bus and the only shop that was open nearby was a hair shop. I popped in and tried to find the cheapest thing i could buy to change my money and there happened to be a rail of £1 nail polishes. When i saw this blue coloured my choice was made and  i thought what the heck,  its only a pound. Fast forward a week later i had forgotten about it when i cam across it, whilst clearing my handbag( every so often all handbags need a clear out), i thought i would try it out and i found to my surprise that i love it. Not just because its £1 but because of the way it applies and how fast it drys which is always a plus with me.
As always before every pedicure i sanded buffed and filed my nails then i applies Sally Hansen Daily Treatment before putting on my base coat. Since its a right colour its a specially important that ones does so since no one like stained
This is with just one coat. and it was dry in under a minute which is simply amazing since i always seem to do my nails at the most inconvenient times i.e. just as i am about to go to bed and i then proceed to wipe them on my duvet cover :(. Please tell me its not just me!!

P.S. plz excuse my for my hands. i dont have the most delicate and cute nails but i wanted to share with you guys my discovery. If you come across a hair shop then you should definitely stop and find yourself a £1 bargain. 

 Hope you are all having an amazing weekend.
Issie xox



  1. thanks a lot doll, i am following back on GFC and Bloglovin.. :)
    keep in touch,

    1. following your blog as well now. and thank you for the love.

      Issie xox

  2. nice colours!!!
    You have an amazing blog!
    Maybe want to follow each other, just let me know :)


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