Friday, 13 September 2013

Autumn Flowers....and little update.

Hi guys i hope you have all been alright this week and have had a great week. My has been the most productive one i have had this summer i think.although i dread to think what i have done with my life over the past few months. I dont know if it is the fact that people are now back at school and university but i have been on it. I have been going to my gym classes and doing my workout which in turn has meant that i have had so much energy and have been feeling refreshed as well. But i seems to be waking up extremely early in the morning and not half way through the day... bye bye bar job and so i do all my chores by lunch time and am able to take time to do my law application forms and catch up with people, that i seem to have neglected over the past few years whilst i have been at university. 
The other day i was speaking to one of my best friends from sweden Karl and now i am constantly remembering the best year of my life. I might go to sweden on the 23rd of this month but i am not in the best financial place so we will see. And that is my little life update this week.Hehehe

Dress- Topshop
Boots- Dorothy Perkins
Jacket- Leather world
Bag- ?
Scarf- Tie Rack
Sunglasses- Ebay
Turban- Topshop
Tights- John Lewis.

If you are like my sister and are not ready to let go of your summer then tights and a leather jacket are the perfect transition pieces. You will still be able to wear your cute summer dresses and will warm them up by pairing them with some ankle boots, stylish tights and a cool leather jacket. I love this outfit so much and it has an 'cool' sort of vibe to it and she is looking amazing. Hope you are all enjoying Autumn and are experimenting a bit more with your style and outfits.  Tall to y'all soon :)

Issie xox 


  1. Lovely dress :)

    XOXO Sandl

  2. cute tights! i don't really shop john lewis though! well done for going to the gym hoorayyyy :D x

    p.s. down there is a really cute blog ;)x

    1. hahaha. yes it is an amazing lil cute blog you have
      Issie xox

  3. You look amazing
    beautiful fall fashion
    love Vikee

  4. Hi sweetheart!
    I just found your blog (by looking some great ideas) and i found yours!
    And it is soo amazin'! I love everything about it! Style, text, and just all!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know and i will follow back as soon as I can!

    Keep in touch

  5. Love this look, great colors.

  6. so stylish <3


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