Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I got my Hair done.... New hair new beginnings.

I finally got my hair done the way i have been wanting to do it for a while now. I am not sure how i feel about it since one minute i love it and then the next i think it might be a bit too bright. I am hoping the purple shampoo will do the magic though. It is quite flat so i need to get some more volume going.As you can see from the picture below i need
Dress- Primark
Shoes- New Look
Bag- Zara
Watch- gift Geneva.
The people in this picture make me laugh so much. They have never seen a girl posing for blog pictures in Hi boo :P

I keep thinking of starting to do a whats on my face posts but i am not a professional makeup artists and i don't know if you guys like what i do but this is basically my everyday makeup look for those days when you want to look natural and this is perfect for those of you who have started school again.

I love this dress from primark and i cant believe it was only £8 but then when it comes to the fit you start to realise why it is £8, I dont know if its just me because i have such a large chest...but when i brought my size it was too tight on the bust and fitted right across my waist. Then i sized up which is what you are seeing here and it fit right across my boobs but then its really loose on the waist. I dont know. it looks alright though and the colours are perfect Autumn/winter.Tell me what you think of more makeup posts.

Issie xox



  1. Your dress look so pretty.
    I can never find one like that, and if I do it just doesn't look good on me. But its so cute! :) xx


  2. Your hair looks lovely!


  3. You look amazing here babe, and absolutely loving the hair - sooo pretty!

    Hahaha love the people in the background, so clueless! :P


  4. tu es belle et fashion.

  5. Wow you are so beautiful! This dress looks great on you and I love your hair :) We have just started following your blog and love it! Maybe you would like to check us out as well at and maybe follow back :) xxx

  6. great post! you've got a beautiful blog!
    would you love to follow each other? :)
    let me know on my blog!

  7. Love your post! So interesting!
    -Your newest follower

    Letters from The Vintage Club

  8. You look gorgeous, love the new hair! And I know the feeling, posing for blog posts can be awkward haha :)

    Mona - Supremelise


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