Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I just cant help my self..

I promise i have been on the shopping ban i put on before to save money for my LPC, but as you all know by now if i have some money it burns a  whole into my pockets. Over the past few weeks when i have had occasions to pop into town with either my sister or aunt i have not been able to resist seeing what all the stores had brought in for the new season. Fashion wise autumn/ winter in my favourite season so as you can imagine i was a kid in a candy store. I have to say i have been really good and most of the items i bought seemed to be the last of the sales as well so happy time all round.
Dress- Primark £8
Jumper Dress- Primark £13
 I love this jumper dress so much. Zara had one season that i really wanted but whenever i went into store they never seemed to have my size. I even managed to see it in the sales for just 12.99 but once again no size. ARGHHH sometimes zara is so annoying. why have something so beautiful if i cant have it.

These shoes were a great find. I bought a dress without trying it on in new look and unfortuantely it was on sale so when i had to return it i could only do an exchange. I was in luck that say thou as when i was leaving the shop still moaning about the lousy credit not i had been give i saw this shoes. They are perfecy for summer and so comfortable as well. I know what you are thinking- summer is over now Issie so why buy them but they were ten pounds and i dont mind waiting to wear them.:)
Shoes- New Look £10
Skirt Topshop £7 
This has to be my fv item in this haul. I couldnt believe it when i sae that this skirt was only £7 and it was in my size. Didnt even think . just went to the till and bought it. I have so many outfit itens of how to wear it this season that i cant wait to style it for you guys :)
Bag- Accessorise via ebay £10 
I love this bad so much that since i received it in the post i have been wearing and using it everyday. I will have to be careful not to age it too soon though. The sandals below are amazing as well i love how they are simple and the touch of blue is something unexpected. I always try to buy my sandals in the summer sales for the next year since it cheaper and i guess i just like being prepared :)
Shoes- H&M
Skirt- H&M £3.99
I love my basics from H&M  and i have been waiting ages for this to come in store in a size m all summer so i finally got frustrated and just went ahead and order it when my sister was doing an oline order from H&M.
Underwear- Local Boutique
I wasnt sure whether i should share my underwear with you guys but i know as a bigger chested lady that i sometime struggle to find both affordable and lovely bras and such and i have to say i have found the best boutique ever in nottingham called pink lady. As you can see their bras are lovely though you will have to excuse their size.
Sunglasses- Ebay £2 
Absolutely love these sunglasses that i got of ebay. they are amazing and i cant wait for any excuse to wear them out.lol. The last few photos are pictures of some of the jewellery i have accumulated  and i was lucky enough to find on sales. I LOVE THE RING AND STILL CANT BELIEVE IT WAS ONLY 50P.
Jewellery- Miss Selfridges
Jewellery- Primark £1 
Ring - Charity Shop 50p
Talk later 

Issie xox


  1. These are all so cute but the first pair of dress is my fave! :)xx



  2. Lovely products! The first dress is lovely and I really like the miss selfridge jewelry! I'm a jewelry addict. :D



    1. i know i could believe it was only £8. I wanted to buy the other colours but then they didnt have my size :(
      On the hunt though :D

      Issie xox

  3. great items.


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