Sunday, 29 September 2013


Yesterday afterwork i was meant to meet up sister to go to the gym but when my old friend Kris rang, she convinced me and i in return convinced my sister in joining us for a walk around nottingham Great Show and a few drinks and dinner by the canal. It was great fun just chilling and relaxing afterwork and a shout out to the lovely man who brought us shots :)
 You cant live in nottingham and not meet Robin Hood once in a while and i have to say this Robin Hood was HOTTT!! and so nice as well :)
I am in love with Dee's coat so much. I want i want i want.... what do you guys think?

 He wanted one with both of us and the horrible little man behind had to ruin out

Just a few quick outfit pic. When we were taking these pictures we were outside Starbucks and the stares i was getting were unreal. Ohh people of nottingham how i love you. The outfit it self was really simple. I wore one of my fav dresses from missselfridge and this old topshop top on top, with my lv bag and some plain black lulu sandals. I can believe it is the end of september and the weather is still nice enough to have bare legs and no jumper. But i am not complaining.

Top- Topshop, Dress- Missselfridge, Shoes- LULU Office, Watch- gift, Midi rings- DIY Ebay, Bag- LV.
 Some of the drunken attics we got up to when we had a few

ohh Issie why the fish But this is the only clear image that i could find that would show the face of the day. Mind you this is after a whole day without touching up anything but the lipstick so bare with.

Talk to y'all soon since i am now running late for work and have to hurry.
Issie xox


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