Sunday, 8 September 2013

The last days of summer....

Dress- Priamark
Shoes- Next
Bag- Vintage
 We got super excited when we came across this outdoor bar in the city since it match chcichi's outfit as you can tell from the pictures.

I have to first apologise for the quality of the pictures taken. These where taken when my camera was broken like i told you guys in a post a few weeks ago. I have been so ill this past week and my weekend has been filled with me crying from toothache... coughing so loudly i woke my family up at like 3 in the morning thus making my dad fear for my life. I always get tonsillitis this time of the year and if the pain i am experiencing is anything to go by then i didn't get a free pass this year. As you can imagine with all that going on i haven't really gone out and haven't had the energy to take any photos.

Rant over and now with the fashion. My beautiful friend chichi whom you have probably seen before and I met up before i was ill to go to town and just catch up since for the past 4 years we have not been living in the same city. She wore this gorgeous Yellow dip hem dress from primark which i wish i could pull of. I thought she did awesome by keeping the accessories neutral and simple though i probably would have worn some midi rings just to juice it up a bit It was the perfect outfit to wear to celebrate the end of summer because if you are in England then you have definitely felt the drop in temperature over the past few days.

I am going to go do a Chinese head steam now and hopefully all the excess mucus in my body will go away.( TMI i know but i think we are at that place where i can share you know) I have a suprise for you guys on my next post since i got my hair done. Its  A BIG change for Talk soon.

Issie xox


  1. Cute dress!


  2. What a dress! I love it! You look amazing

  3. Your dress is fabulous doll!



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