Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fashion Fridays....

We are lucky at work that they have casual wear fridays since more often than not every friday people from work all go to rescue rooms Nottingham for a bit of down time and chi chat. I try and go as well since as most of you know to be business savvy you have to network and when you mix people and alcohol then the job is half done. I decided to wear this black sheer shirt dress with my leather jacket since it was casual enough for my to wear to work ( though i have to say i didnt realise it was that short until now) and also still a bit dressy for later on in the day when we went for drinks. Once again i have reverted to wearing my tried and tested all black but i have been wearing colour though makeup, nails and accessorises.  
necklace-ebay, dress- prim ark, jacket- local shop, scarf- tie rack
When in doubt go for a LBD, which is what i did on friday. I especially love this piece because of how loose and free it is. I am sorry that the picture don't really do the outfit justice but by the time i found someone to take photos for me the sum had gone down :(
I know i am still not living up to my promises but its really hard to take outfit pics when you are working full time in an office and i feel a bit weird asking people to take the photos for me. I had to get my new girl friend drunk to get them to agree with these But talk to y'all soon.

Issie xox


  1. Issie, you are so beautiful <3
    I'm a beginning fashion blogger, check my blog

    1. welcome to blogging and i hope you love it as much as i have so far and i am checking out your blog now :)

      Issie xox

  2. LBD's all the way!
    The scarf was a perfect match for the outfit :)

  3. You look amazing girl! Love that hair

  4. Just arrived on your blog! Really amazing!
    would you like to come and see my blog ?
    Have a wonderful day!
    A kiss from ITALY!!


  5. Black looks beautiful on you and makes a stunning contrast with your amazing hair <3
    I am your newest follower number 283 and I would love if you could visit my blog. Perhaps let me know what you think?

  6. I love your dress!!!
    I'm in love!!! :) xx



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