Friday, 18 October 2013

Lunch at the graveyard....

love love love this picture so i wanted to share :)
Dress- Primark, Jacket- Local shop, Shoes- Gift, Bag- LV, Rings- DIY, Scarf- Gift

Before i started working at my new work place i had never heard of the word fundle but recently it seems like we are always having them and yesterday we had one in the morning. (for those who like myself still dont know what it is its when several people bring in different types of food and you all just over indulge thus waking up with spots the next morning as was my case). By lunch time i physically could not eat anymore food so me and my friend  Alexa decided to go spend out lunch time at a nearby grave yard. Its so quite and peaceful there and actually made the perfect setting for my outfit seeing as how we are in october and halloween will soon be upon us. 
Am i the only one who likes to visit grave yards? I love seeing who died, who they are buried with and how long ago they lived and died and then imagining a life for them. Strange i know but thats me :P

The outfit itself was very simple as i just chucked on my grey jumper dress from primark and my leather jacket as well as my american eagle flag scarf from my sister. Red nails, messy hair and midi rings and i was good to Its still early now as i type this i am enjoying my nice chai latte but its time to actually start getting ready for work so i will talk to y'all soon :)

Issie xox



  1. Your outfit is fab! I love the colours in the scarf it gives it a nice contrast

    Kirsty x Rockit Style

  2. I love your scarf.
    you look amazing
    Love Vikee

  3. You look so cute!
    I love visiting old graveyards and looking around- the older, the better!


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