Wednesday, 20 November 2013

BREAKING NEWS.....#urbanoutfittersnottingham

I don't think that i have given nottingham a chance since moving back from London this summer but more recently i have been trying to get more involved in some activities going on around nottingham. E.G. i didn't even know we had a crazy adventure golf place until i saw one of the people i follow on youtube showcase it. Nottingham is definitely not as bad as i always think it is.... after all  an urban outfitter  has just opened up here.. I was invited down to the store opening and it would seem i was not the only person excited for it to open,

When i got there after work there was a long queue of people and it was not the warmest day so i felt for them. Surprisingly it wasn't just young people but older and more mature adults as well (though this could have been due to the free beer on hand which was surprisingly really tasty.)
There even had a live dj who mixed some really awesome tunes on the night.
I love this flask. I am trying to justify buying it for myself and i am secretly hoping some one get it for me for
I have always loved the books that can be found in urban and i have already seen a book i will be getting both for my self and my dad and its only £15 pounds so if you are stuck for christmas ideas then definitely pop into urban and have a look.
Mmmm the yummy beer. I am not a girl who drinks beer unless its desperado or corona which people always tell me is not real beer  but this beer was simply yummy. I don't know whether it was due to the fact that it was free. but if you know where i can buy some please tell me :)
Opps so i signed the table but then made a mistake when leaving my blog name. can you spot it?
Love love love the art work on the walls. some of it was done buy some local art students but they also got one of nottinghams best artist to come in and paint the wall. I can't remember his name but i went to his show in the summer with some friends.
I meant some really cool girls... Rosie and Millie who completed my evening. I think i would have had as much fun had i not met them. As you can see they are both so gorgeous.
We queued up for what felt like hours to get our photo booth pic which didn't even turn out that great.

Played a few video games...
and finally got ourselves some I love mine so much i actually wish it was

And finally the best part of the evening was watching this amazing old man bust his moves.We couldn't resist going up on stage and joining him. He reminded me that you should find the joy in life when ever you can and not care what people think.
 Talk toy y'all soon but i hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing the new urban in nottingham. Although i am excited my saving is definitely going to suffer.

And dont forget to enter the giveaway its ending in just 7 hours!! here

Issie xox


  1. Wow this event looks really great! Hope u had a good time :)

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