Friday, 20 December 2013

Mr Mans for Xmas dinner.

So this year me and my colleagues at work decided that we didn't want the traditional christmas dinner since we are going to have it for christmas if we really want it that bad. (which i dont). I was excited when i got told that we were going to go to Mr Mans in wollaton park. I had heard of how amazing it was but despite living in nottingham for more than 10 year i had still not gone. But now i have... well i best keep an eye on my spending is  all i can think to say. If you are ever in nottingham i have to say try and go although you might have to pre-book a table. The place it self was soo nice and i am glad that we had all made an effort as i am afraid we would have stood out for the wrong reasons. As it was we only stood out for shouting and being
excuse the horrible chipped nails. been to busy to change the polish.
It wouldn't be a christmas dinner without a speech i am guessing and the lovely Mark gave a long but none the less endearing speech about our team and how we function well together. Cheers Mark:)
The Team minus kim who had just stepped out to the loo and a few other who were unable to attend.
As is the case it would seem when we all go out together the champagne was following and ready on ice the whole night!

 I was so hungry and the food so yummy so here is a before and after. If you like good Chinese food that is not greasy at all or wagamama then plz plz go to mr man. Best decision you will ever make.

 As you can see, whilst the other were still looking a bit more serious, i was starting to feel the drink hence the lazy eyes and i dot know what pose.
 Yep we had to bring out the moustache. Can you tell that me and Kimie have been growing them since we started our movemeber movement.

 Excuse the face and the blurred pictures but i just wanted to share what i wore. Also decided to join the lovely reindeer in the garden by the waterfall (which i nearly fell into- thank you danny for the save) as it was so magical.
 And Finally dont ask me what the hell Mark is doing to that poor polar bear! All i  know is that it look wrong!
 Talk to y'all soon and have a lovely weekend.

Issie xox


  1. Food looks delicious. Lovely outfit choice too

    Carrieanne x

  2. Very nice photos)) Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo


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