Friday, 13 December 2013

Naughty November haUL

Most normal people would not buy anything for theme selves over the months leading up to christmas since they would be saving money. But as well all know now i am not most normal people and so as usual i have a small lil haul to show you guys some of the stuff i picked up over the last month or so. November was a big month for me since i got to go back to london and chill with some really awesome friends and have a cheeky naughty look around the shops and i also finally graduated :).
I love this jumper that i picked up in Primark and the Kanye West vest as well.  I have to say loving autumn winter Primark right now. the jumpers and cardies they have in there are insane and now that i have finished my christmas shopping i might just have to go visit to see if i could pick up a few bits and bobs for myself now.I love Kanye west and dont even mind his arrogance (i have to say it might even make him more attractive in my eyes). The vest was about 3/4 pounds and i brought it just to were to run errands in or lounge round the house in. 

I picked up these two tops since i saw them and instantly  thought of my graduation outfit. In the end i went with the cream since it was more neutral and went  with my graduation gown a lot more. If you want to see it on visit my graduation post here . Both tops were on sale and i managed to get them for only £5 each which is mazing and they dont look as if they are from Primark and i have actually had my eye on them for a while now.

These legging from H&M are awesome but they do have a downfall in that they are quite thin and so i have to actually wear a pair of my primark one underneath so that they are not too see throw. The style and colour is cool though and they were only £14.99 so its not too much of a deal breaker. 
I love the words written on this top when i saw it in primark, i know that its really halloweeny #madeupword but i think its awesome since its becoming so cold and miserable in england that i do just want to stay inside.
I am really into dainty jewerllyery at the moment and when i saw this bracelet and ring in MissSelfridge on sale i just had to pick it up. I couldn't find an I or M in the ring design so i just went with A as in A for effort trying to find I am so nerdy sometimes its actually

Picked up these crop tops to wear with my pencil skirts in black and white as i just can't get enough of my basics.

Ok, I am still in shock over the fact that i actually managed to get these boots for £15 in primark. they remind me of the vagabond boots at just a fraction of the price and they are so comfortable as well its unreal. Run to your local Primark and if they have them in grab a pair as they are such a good investment. Especially love the industrial bottoms as it means that when we get black ice this winter i will be sorted :)
Finally i managed to get my hands on a pair of these H&M Boots that i have wanted since they came out last year. They are just amazing and i actually made a which list about them a while ago so christmas came early for me when i got my hands on there. There was so much drama over then though as i made a mistake and actually got them send to my old uni address. luckily there are some awesome people living there now as they actually kept them until i went here to pick them up prepared to fight for them if thats what it took as they had sold out again on the website. 
How sexy are they :) sorry they are a bit dirty but i wore them as soon as i could, just couldn't wait for the pictures to be taken :)

I will talk to y'all soon and i hope you guys are having a lovely week and lead up to xmas.

Issie xox

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  1. beautiful items especially loving the kanye west tee
    great post

    love Vikee


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