Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I just wanted to show you guys my hair.  I have to say i am loving experimenting with my hair these days. I dont really want to stay with the safe hair styles i always do. I have had some hits and misses but i have to say this was a hit. what do you think?
 I just couldn't seem to get comfortable whilst taking these pictures yesterday with my friend. So i am sorry for all the awkward poses.
Hair scarf- Present, Fur collar- Ebay, Top- Primark, Skirt- New Look, Jacket- Primark, Shoes- River Island, Bag Zara, 

 Thank you to chichi with putting up with me and making yesterday fun as well. I think i made her take 100 and 1 picture and i wasn't happy with any of them. Do you guys ever have those days?
Kim K had inspired me to get a long coat and when i was vintage shopping yesterday i came across this 100% wool one for just £20. I really want to get it but is it a bit too oversized on me. I need help to decide what to do :(

I am off to the dentist now on my one day off in the past 4 months. So not looking forward to three root canals in one day :(

Talk to y'all soon

Issie xox


  1. impeccable hairstyle! really cute pictures :) I would like to invite you to enter the Jollychic $100 International Giveaway on my blog :)

  2. beautiful pictures
    you look awesome
    amazing outfit

    love Vikee


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