Friday, 10 January 2014

About a boy

 Hi guys so i am sorry i have been a little M.I.A this past week or so.. i have been getting really horrible migraines and whilst i have forced myself to go to work and try to push through,  i just couldn't be bothered to dress up so i have just been throwing on what ever was comfy and nearby to go to work in. I am feeling a lot better now so just bear with me. This year i have so many exciting posts and ideas of where i want to take my blog but as always i just never seem to find the time so you will have to bear with me.
I am wearing one of my christmas presents in the picture which are the topshop joni jeans in black. I paired them with my Boy london top and just some black sandals. This is the outfit i wore out to meet some of the girls for a quick casual dinner in town the other day. The outfit was comfortable and i need to get more of these joni jeans cos they are just so amazing... though i have to say excuse my lil belly in the pic.. in hindsight i should have take the picture before dinner not after dinner!lol.

So as per us these days i had to resort to taking the picture in the dar and this is the only one that turned out ok showcasing the whole outfit so i thought to just incude a picture of the outfit so you can see a close up as well. Tell me in the comments if you like this and i can try to do it with all my outfit posts.
Jeans- Topshop Joni, Shoes- Primark, Top- Boy London
Band rings- ASOS, Other Miss-Selfridge and gift.

I hope you are all good and if you made any new year resolution they are going well for you.

Talk to y'all later
Issie xox


  1. Heeled sandals instantly make an entire outfit more dressed-up, don't they?
    I have the Joni jeans as well - love them, and also your outfit! xx

    1. I know absolutely love them. everyone thinks i am crazy though for wearing them in

      Issie xox

  2. hi! nice blog!
    follow to follow??
    let me know!!


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