Sunday, 19 January 2014

birthday and christmas celebrations

Ok i am so sorry that this post is so late but i have been so busy lately with work and everything else. My main present finally arrived from amazon as well. Its so late but i realised that my blog is actually over a year old and i can't believe i missed that milestone #badblogger.  Anyways i know its way past christmas as well but i thought i would do a mini what i got for christmas post or we could pretend it was my blogs first bday presents.
I am so happy that i started blogging last year as i have had such an amazing experience with it and have now found a part of me i didn't even know was there. I love my lil blog and just want to see it continue to grow now. This year our second year will be bigger and better and i can't wait to see what 2014 will bring. Now onto the goodies...  

I got this amazing soap and glory weekend/ beauty hamper from my dad this year and omg i love it so much. Its filled with body butter, body scrub, lipgloss, mascara, heel genius. Basically this is a soap and glory fans dream come true and it has everything you could possibly want. Dad did good this year. I also got these cute slipper from Primark with the reindeer on and some faux fur (dont worry i am still a vegetarian) ones as well from my mummy and loads of other pj stuff that i have already worn and used. I got these and some from boxing day sales bath bombs from lush and my mum actually put them in this cute rose bath ceramic which i think i will store them in and have them open refreshing my room 24/7. 

 This is my new baby and my big present from my parents and myself this year. Its to help me with my blog and maybe maybe just maybe youtube if i ever find the courage.
 I have been debating wether to get some doc martin shoes and i guess my mum knew this as well since she picked up these new look imitation one for me to try out. They are supper comfortable and awesome and i really want the doc version in burgundy as well.
 I think i was a good girl last year since santa just kept on giving with this amazing and i mean amazing chanel lipstick. I had wanted it for a while and kept hinting but when i got it i was so surprised and happy. Its the best and my fav lipstick right now. I will deffo repurchase this when it runs out and i have been wearing it non stop as you can see. Review to follow!
 Finally christmas wouldn't be complete without getting perfumes. I got this amazing Lancome La vie set belle which i have been lusting over for a while and got the lady gaga fame one which i surprisingly like. I dont normally like celebrity performs but deffo like these.
P.s. in celebration of my blog being a year old i have decided to have one of my fiends and fellow blogger do a guest blog so keep an eye out this week as i hear its going to be a primark haul. We all love primark!

Talk to y'all later

Issie xox

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