Thursday, 23 January 2014

Most Worn Shoes Winter Edition..

Grey- River Island, Black- H&M, Black Clogs- ASOS, Brown- ASOS

All Black- New Look, Studded Black- Zara
First of all i would like to apologise to y'all about how dirty my shoes are in the pictures. I didn't realise until i took the pictures and then i was too lazy to do anything about it. Oops. (have tried blurring everything to make it a bit .
As you can tell i wear a lot of black shoes during winter, heck i think even all year round. That because it does go with everything and so it is a lot easier to match and style. I have included my boots from River Island which i got for christmas 2012 from my mum. Normally i reserve them  for summer/spring time but this winter i have been wearing them to work as they just jazz up some of my more boring all  black comfy clothes. I think the most worn Boots though have to be the Black ones from ASOS, I have had them 2/3 years now i think and have only had to replace the sole and heel once. Although they are starting to look a lil bit more worn. I have so many boots but i always seem to come back to these two.
I am loving my flats as well and instead of cute little pumps i love wearing these awesome doc dupes from new look that i got at christmas and my Zara studded shoes. I am not into studs anymore but i love these shoes as they completely turn an outfit around so i put up with it. Hope you have liked seeing what i have been wearing, would love to see whats on your feet this winter so leave me a comment and tell me please,

Talk to y'all soon
Issie xox


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