Sunday, 5 January 2014

Post Christmas Haul...

I don't know if its just me but during christmas whenever i am running around shopping for other people's presents, i always see things that i want for myself and i guess sometimes i can never resist so i thought i would share what i picked up for myself whilst shopping for xmas presents.
I love these two bags that i picked up from Primark. The beige one was £8 and the black weaved bucket bag was a bargain at just £6. I have been using the beige one none stop since i picked it up and  i wish i has brought another since due to the quality i don't think that it will last long.
These are the tights i live in, in winter and i think i buy some every time i walk into primark if i can be bothered with the queues. £3 for 3 pairs is not bad and they keep you nice and warm as well. I tend to size up since i hate it when tights keep falling down so i buy big so that i can pull them up until they are just below my chest.
 The colours in this dress made it irritable to me and at 20 pounds i think it was a steal. It fits so well and is very flattering for my shape.
 Over christmas i was looking for a good dark red lipstick and i came across these. They are mainly peruple except for kate 107 which i can't believe i didn't have until now. They were cheap and look wonderful and i think i might start building up my drug store lipstick collection since all three came to about the same price as a mac lipstick.
I also picked up some key essentials like some cotton pads and nail polish remover and my fav drug store foundation. For some reason my skin is loving this more than my lancome and ysl foundation.
I was running out of my raspberry by Barrym so i had to pick one up. This is one of my all time favourite autumn winter colours and i hope it is never discontinued.
 I saw this necklace last year a lot on a lot of blog and i couldn't resist picking it up from primark, but i have to say i am really disappointed. There are only one of each letter so you are limited as to what you can actually spell out. NOT WORTH THE HYPE!. 

Then some bits and pieces i pick up fashion wise.
Newlook - £9.99
Primark- £2
Primark - £5 
Primark- £2
Primark- £3
I want to restrict my spending now for a while just so i can treat my self come my birthday. What did you get your self this christmas whilst shopping for other? Or are you good and actually saved your money for the sales.

I will talk to you soon,





  1. I spent lots of money on myself on the run up to Christmas and then went shopping with some of my Christmas money and spent more than I actually had so had to use my own funds. I did a post on the stuff I got actually. - id love for you to check my blog out at some point!

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  3. great post
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  4. Great post!))) Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

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  7. The Primark bags are super pretty! <3


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