Monday, 13 January 2014

Post christmas Presents from Dresslily.

I am so happy atm as i feel like christmas just keeps on giving at the moment and i am a very lucky girl indeed. Just before christmas  got in touch with me and invited me to review some stuff for them. Like any normal girl when given the opportunity to shop and not pay i said yes and did a little happy dance in my room. I apologise to any neighbours who might have seen said dance and thought they were hallucinating! I had never ordered from them before and had heard of them from reading other blogs and you tube reviews. I check out the website and i have to say i was quite pleasantly surprised. There were quite a few things that i wanted to pick up but in the end i got these white sandals which i am in love with and can't wait for them to have the black colour in stock as i need it in my life. And yes i know need is a strong word to use but i need them. They give me height and they are so comfortable. I understand if you dont get my love for them since my mummy thinks they are the ugliest shoes she has ever seen. Which i think is a tad unfair but heyho!
 I know they (the style) were quite popular last summer with some bloggers and i can hear you guys saying but Issie its winter now are you crazy! But guuurrrl, I have already started to think of summer.. what with the stupid flooding in the uk and the non-stop rain i need something to cheer me up.

Sandals* - Dresslily
I still had some money left over from the gift card that dressily, sent me  so i decided to go for this red cardi with bad wing sleeves. The picture i have taken doesn't really do it justice so clear here to see it clearly. I really want the black/ charcoal grey colour as well but unfortunately for me it was out of stock :(. This cardie is so warm and comfy that i am actually currently wearing it as i write this post. Both the items i picked up were 'ships in 24hrs' and this seem to be true since they got here just after new years and i picked them just before christmas which is not too bad when you consider they come from china.
Cardie*- Dresslily
I am know that its just monday but i am feeling tired already and i seriously struggled to get out of bed today. I have such a long day at workas well with gym afterwards but tomorrow is a new days and lets hope it will better. Is anyone else feeling the way i am?

Talk to y'all soon, have to drag myself to work now

Issie xox 


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