Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shanté Says Style

Hey guys! I'm Shanté from Shanté Says Style. I am a friend of Issie's and I've taken over her blog as a guest blogger!! Yay!! Sooooo check out my latest post here (which, obviously, is available on my blog too). It would be great if you popped over to my blog, checked it out, commented and follow (I'll do the same obvs). I would love to get to know as many bloggers out there-it's a cool world! Haha!

Anyways, hope you guys love the post!

I am in LOVE with this skirt that I designed and got made whilst out in Rwanda. I got soooo many clothes made, my blog may just become all about those awesome things! Haha. I got the inspiration for the skirt from the ASOS magazine that I took out there with me (It’s always a great read for inspiration). Hailee Steinfeld, the beautiful cover star, was wearing a similar open, double layer skirt (well, I don’t really know what to call this design) and I knew that it would be so cute in this Coca-Cola Africa print (yup! This skirt is a genuine Rwandan print!). I was so happy with the results; summer needs to come so I can rock it like this-wearing tights won’t do it justice! I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m pretty freezing in these pictures- all in the name of fashion ey!

I did not want to steal the light away from the skirt so the only choice was to pair it with black. I love these latest heels I got from Primark. They are actually really comfortable (though it is advisable that when you are purchasing open toe shoes, you should get a size smaller) and upgrade the outfit. Wearing red lippy helps the colours of the skirt pop, especially as it is featured in the skirt. Once again, I added my cheap and cheerful car boot find clutch-man, £1.50 can go a long way! Haha!


ok guys i hope you have enjoyed having something a lil bit different on here and i am thinking i might do a guest post a day so that i can discover new blogs but also so we bloggers can help each other grow.  How amazing does she look and do you not wish you had that skirt in you wardrobe right now. Imagine if it had a matching jacket and you wore it for fashion week #killingit. Email me if you are interested in doing a post like shanté and
Talk to y'all soon

Issie xox



  1. OMG! Awesome style! love your skirt :))

    check out my blog :)
    follow me if you like it and I will follow you back xoxo

  2. Your style is awesome.


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