Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hat- Bershka , Jacket- Primark, Dress- H&M, Shoes- ASOS, Bag- Priamrk, Scarf- BHS

Mini quick post.. so i think that the title of the post  pretty much explains it all. Although i love love this jacket from primark its is so busy that  its is a)recognisable and so you can't really wear it to often and b) needs a plan out fit to make it stand out a bit more. The jacket and dress made an adorable outfit but then cos it was just cold and i randomly decided to run with the monochrome print by adding this gorgeous scarf which reminds me for some reason of the Zara one that every blogger but me seems to have. Its so warm and snuggly and perfect for the winter months. Everything else as per usual you have seen before. Sorry if my posts are a bit boring now since  i work in an office all day i find it hard to get the guys at work to talk a picture (or shall we say 100 pictures.) So the outfits i wear never seem to make it here. What would you change about the look. I am thinking i should have done a beanie instead of a floppy hat but thats just me. Would love to know what you would do!

Talk to y'all soon
Issie xox



  1. loveeee the jacket and the scarf together, feel like it really shouldn't work but it looks ace! Plus can't believe that jackets from Primark...amazinnn xxooxoxox


    1. love you blog and thx for commenting. I know its mad.. they have made it A fiver now so go and see if you can get your hand on it :)

      Issie xox

  2. beautiful jacket dear
    awesome look all together

    love Vikee


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