Thursday, 27 March 2014


I was rocking the afro hair that night and just kept my outfit really simple since it was just going to be family but never the less i have to say i am loving who the whole look came together. it has a very relaxed boho feel to it which i have been  trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe.
How amazing is this kimono from Topsho.. still can't believe i picked it up on the sales for just £20.
Me and my daddy just chilling as you

My mum decided to treat us all to a family night out for my birthday and she told me to pick any place.. now normally i would have jumped up and down shouting alley cafe but having grown up in my family.. i knew she meant pick a place where your brother can have no sodium in his meal, where i can get a foot glass of wine and where you dad will have either chicken or steak or lamb ohh and finally where you won't complain about only eating chips and salad.  I decided to go to Carluccios chichi i actually went to for the first time with my home friends over the xmas break when we were all catching up and having a general chic chat.

I had loved the food there and the wine wasn't so bad and knowing my dads love for italian food it was a no brainer and i am glad to say they were very obliging when it came to my brother as well.We all loved the food so much and also had a mini shop at the end to pick up some fresh ingridients which are specially made for the dishes served there. I would deffo recommmend Carluccios if you have never been and the amazing things is tat they have a gluten free menu so you can have your pasta.. pizza and bread without living to regret it in the morning as is usually the case for me. TMI maybe?

Talk to y'all soon and hope you are all having a lovely week.

Issie xox


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