Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fashion Friday: If i could I would

Unfortunately i have never had the opportunity to be in paris during fashion week and i know its just been so i decided to go onto the internet to try and find some of the best street wear fashion and what i would love to have worn myself had a i go.I choose paris instead of London or even New York because for some reason my heart connected more with paris and the stye the people where rocking over the other two cities. Tell me what your favourite look is as well.

Now if you know my blog well and have been reading it for a while now you will know my style is mainly basics and monochrome with soft ascents of colour and this hasn't really changed with what i love in street style. Sorry if this is boring for you guys.

All pictures courtesy of google
I will talk to y'all soon and i hope you have been enjoying all the fashions from the fashion weeks cos i have and its amazing.I wish i could have all these outfits in my wardrobe but :(

Issie xox


  1. Loved

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    Thank you.

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  3. Second pic: amazing outfit!!! Love it

  4. beautiful pictures
    very stylish ladies

    love Vikee

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