Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spring is upon us..

How pretty and spring is this lil road. I feel in love with kingston all over again that day i swear. :P

Dress- H&M, Shoes- ASOS, Jacket- Swedish Vintage Shop, Bag- LV, Sunglasses- H&M

I love my some extra strong,, soy iced coffee. and then the reeses cups just topped my afternoon man. arghhh best treat to one self ever.

i went to London over the weekend to catch up with some friends and whilst there i made the journey into kingston as well. It was amazing seeing my friends and just having a general chit chat above what had changed for us sine we last saw each other. It was surreal. I could up my my old partner in crime Sarvy and we went to Starbucks for coffee apparently Sarvy was Sophie and Issie was just an s on the cups.. but heyhooo whats a girl to do right.

Kingston is so pretty and we dat there watching the pigeon eat and then i nipped off to tesco to grab some lunch as i had to make my way back to my other friends house as well.

Stay tuned for some more of my london adventure.

Talk to y'all soon

Issie xox



  1. Beautiful pictures
    You look amazing
    Fabulous blazer

    Love Vikee


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