Thursday, 24 April 2014

Julius and the Wifey

Hat- H&M, Dress- Primark, Shirt-  Vintage Levis (COW), Shoes- Topshop, Bag- Primark, Jewellery - H&M and ASOS.
So this is just a quick outfit post of what i wore the other day to chill with my wifey Shobs who was visiting from Spain. She teaches english over there and as much as i am proud of her for having it so together i miss her terribly as well as it means we dont see each other that often but we came up with this ingenious idea to become pen pals as well :) I am so excited for this its unreal... but i digress.
 The weather is actually starting to turn, though having said that it was chucking it down with rain all day yesterday and i am now in the dog house with my suede ankle boots..But this is spring in England and so that is to be expected. One of my friends Julius is always telling me off for not checking my spelling here on the blog so that is something  i am going to work on from here onwards so watch this
I love how laid back this outfit is and you can easily transition it into summer as well by taking of the tights and adding some white converse to give it an even more  relaxed cali feel to it. I recently got my hand on these topshop boots and i have just been living in them, They are soo comfy and give my those much needed inches without any pain what soever. I have a full day at work today so best be going but

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