Sunday, 20 April 2014

Just give #Rwanda

Hi guys so something a little bit different today. First of all i hope you are all having an amazing easter break and are in a chocolate coma right I had the flu this weekend so i haven't really had the best time but its been good just taking a step back chilling and catching up with family. It can be so hard sometimes seeing each other since we all work different times and even though we live together (most of us) we only ever seem to be all at home when its time to sleep so this weekend had has been really nice and relaxing,
But now onto the point of my post today. As some of you guys know i was going to be going to bolivia for 12 weeks in the summer but then the Organisation i am going with Tearfund said,,, why not Rwanda since you are from there and will be able to relate to the people a bit more as you already have this amazing connection and so just like that my plans changed and now i am eagerly awaiting the start of my adventure in July when i leave to go to Rwanda for the first time in i dot know how many year.
I am going to be volunteering there and helping rebuilt the country and helping at the orphanage and helping rid Rwanda of the poverty in my own small way, but educating them and giving the people new hope and opportunities. In order to do so though i need your help and support and so i am asking all of you to please help me buy donating however much you can spare on my just give page  and help me raise the £800 i need to. I would appreciate it and will love y'all so much even more for you help and support.

I will talk to y'all soon
Issie xox


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