Friday, 4 April 2014

Ladies that lunch

Dress- H&M, Shoes- ASOS, Cardigan- H&M, Bag- LV
We are not ashamed to spot in the busy street on a satuarday afternoon in soho to just pose for a #addictedtoselfies?

Yep my friend wanted me to post a natural picture so this is for you
I caught up with my two best friends from home who have now deserted me for the bring lights of london. It was so nice seeing them since we hadn't had a chance to catch up since the xmas holidays when they had come down to nottingham. We had a good few hours of wondering around soho and having a general chin wag. My friend from uni and fellow blogger Shanté also joined us. After having lunch and wondering into shops we should know better not to go into we went to Pret for a nice warm beverage and more gossip time :)

I also had to convoke them to let me take some photos so i could share it with y'all and we literally stopped travelling taking pictures in the middle of the road with both cyclists and cars trying to get by.. #thelifeofablogger.

Finally it was time to go back to kingston for me and i could not help but capture this amazing restaurant bars decor as it looks so magical and inviting. Next time ladies you know where were are going. If you guys are in London and want to try it out for me its in soho right next to china town. :) 

I will talk to y'all soon and hope you enjoy !
Issie xox


  1. I like your outfit!

  2. You are so gorgeous!
    I love your hair! :) xx



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