Sunday, 6 April 2014


The crew all
My favourite two things right here edamame beans and sushi.. yummmyyyy
For my last night in kingston my favourite Oriental Couple - yes you!! Introduced me to this amazing
Japanese/ Chinesse restaurant called Mino. Its zoo bad that i dot remember what its call. But anyways the decor inside as you can see if simply breath taking. I love blossom Trees and have been thinning of getting a tattoo of one and eating here just reinforced in me how much i love them. I have already raved about them and what they mean for me before on my blog so i won't go on... but mannnn they are zoo pretty.
The food at Minos was amazing though i have to say the service itself was atrocious but Big Mouth Issie came out and made a complaint so we had some of the food taken of the bill. If you dont speak you dont get i guess. Since we were sort of still celebrating my birthday- IT WAS STILL MARCH- we decided to also indulge in some yummy desserts. I had the rice cakes which was just amazing and i am still beating myself over not buying more from the oriental supermarket in china town since nottingham doesn't have that many choices.
 Catching up with my Kingston crew was amazing and i have to thank pat for introducing me to guess the emoji that weekend cos i am now addicted and getting so frustrated its unbelievable.. Anyone else addicted like me? The whole weekend itself just made me want to be back in london so much so i could see them all more often but i guess the heart grows founder and all that ...
I am getting hungry looking at all this food now so i will talk to y'all soon.
Issie xox



  1. Great photos !

  2. Oh my I love japanese food!
    Everything looks so yum, especially the ice cream mochi <3
    Need to go and eat japanese again :)

    1. omg yes. i am upset with the mochi, even looking back at these pictures is making me

      Issie xox

  3. love!


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