Tuesday, 15 April 2014

March New in

Revlon- Black Cherry, L'Oreal- Manga Eyes and Rimmel- eyebrow pencil and eyeliner
Repurchased my L'Oreal foundations (already using it) and  Collection powder
New look £19.99 now on sale here
Asos £26 here
Asos - £11? sold out but Alternative here
H&M- £14.99 not online but similar here
Priamrk- £6 not online
H&M- £14.99 here
Primark- £4 not online
Primark- £3 pounds each and sorry not online
I have been really goof and been trying hard to save money over the past few months so i dot really have much of a haul for you guys and i know this is a bit late as well but i thought i would share with y'all some of the items i picked up from the shops over the past month. Now i am so late posting this that you have probably seen one is not all of the products at some point in an ootd, so sorry if this bores ya a bit.

Bare with me for the time being if i am not posting often on here but life is hectic at the moment trying to fundraise for this amazing project that i am a part off. (post about it to follow) and also work at the same time. I have also finally ordered a tripod so i will be able to take my own photos soon and i am excited for whats that me for me and ze blog :P. I hope you have all been well and now its time to get back into my crazy lil world and get ready for work but i will see y'all soon.

Talk to y'all later
Issie xox
p.s. what is your fav out of the new addictions to the family and tell me if you like me adding where you can find similar things for yourself as well :)



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Issie xox

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