Monday, 23 June 2014


Day 2- Prune

Day 2 in dom rep was amazing, due to the heavy drinking the night before and the jet lag you would have thought that we would be in bed all day but nope. We woke up early enough to go down to the beach for some breakfast, which basically consisted of pineapple for me and an omelette for my little brother.After breakfast we explored a little until finally making out way to the pool.
scrunchie-New Look, Dress- Primak, Bag- Primark, Suglasses- Ebay, Shoes- ?
On the way to the pool we came across this wedding taking place and it was just so sweet and amazing. Although i dont know how they could bear to wear all those clothes and make up since it was just soo hot and this was when the sun was at its finest as well. Brave Brave lady.

Around 3 or 4 after having a snack we took a break from the pool and drinking and decided to go try some of the water activities including snorkelling and canoeing. My dad was terrible at this but he kept arguing that he was falling into the water due to the fact that his legs where to long for the 'mini' boat.
Me and my Dad..

Omg-- just had to share this with you guys as i personally have never seen anything like it before in my life. After spending 3/4 hours in the pool, drinking and not staying hydrated this is what became of our friend Michael's hands.. And his feet were in a similar situation as well. Honestly though i was so shocked?  His nickname from then on became prune.Have you guys ever seen anything like it before?

In the evening after dinner before hitting our one and only club on the resort , we went to see the Michael Jackson show. It was good but since we were out in the open, i didn't really want to stay that long since i didn't want to encourage the mosquitoes to feed on me anymore than  was necessary.

I will talk to y'all soon
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