Saturday, 28 June 2014

Making friends on holiday:

Rest of the holiday and making friends:
 I thought i was also do something a little different on the blog and just talk about what to do when you go  on family holidays.As much as we all love family sometimes if you are going on holiday with your parents, carers or guardians you can often get bored. I have one advice to remedy this... Try and make friends you own age to keep you company and the holiday will turn into an unforgettable experience.

I know it can be a bit intimidating approaching people you dont know, but for some strange reason people are always nicer on holiday.If you are staying at a hotel there are lots of places to make friends.. you can do what we did on our holiday and just go to the pool and entertainment areas. I would say just try and strike up a conversation about where they are from or what they have done on their holiday so far. If the conversation flows and you get on then you have made your first holiday friend.Remember to be yourself as well and if you come across as friendly and genuine then other people will see you as an easy going person as well.

Most importantly, remember not to rush into giving your details and make sure you always let your family know where you are at all times as well, if you decide to go somewhere or do something fun with your new friends.

How amazing is the sky here. There is not filter or flash as well. This is just paradise!!!
Bless my dad he kept trying to write my blog name in the sand for me but the waves here to fast but here is one we managed to get. :)
For our last night we decided to go all out with our new friends. it was my brother birthday as well so it made the night even more special. after leaving the club we went to the beach and just chilled. Best night of the holiday for definitely. 
Fresh Coconut water as a cure for a hangover :)

I hope you all have amazing holidays this summer where ever you find yourself going and remember to try and make some new friends as well. They will just enrich your time there and you never know, you might make some life long pals as well.

P.s. i hope you have enjoyed seeing what i got up to on my holiday.
 Talk to y'all soon.
Issie xox


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