Sunday, 1 June 2014

Preparing Day 2

The second day was amazing as well. I woke up early enough to have a quick yoga session in the morning before group sessions began and before breakfast as well. It was so peaceful and calming as it allowed me to focus more on what i was there to do and also have a little reflection on life. So much has been going on that i think that sometimes i loose my sence of self. This weekend allowed o amongst other thing to find it.
Roofie and I just had to take a selfie first thing in the morning.
After yoga and showering i meet up with Roofie whom i then convinced to take some outfit pics for me and then we had a little selfie session. It doesn't look it but this was at 8am in the morning and the sun was nice and shinny and it was soo hot. Sometimes i hate the english weather it had been horrible and raining all week so i decided to pack my jeans and dark tops but then it ended up being the hottest weekend so far that we have had.But i guess i am not complaining.

Its was mainly more of the same in terms of what we did however during out breaks we all escaped to the outside and rejoiced in playing the the sun. None had more fun than Roofie and Gabsta as you can see below. Nothing was getting in their way that
The two of them were pros! working the camera at all angles and even now looking back at the pictures it makes me want to get up and jam to some imaginary music.
I made a new specially friend in Cassie (I named her Cassadra) and she was so beautiful and even came to ask to have her picture taken when she saw me taking pictures.
By afternoon we started playing some team building excerises and we played some cool games that had us all looking like fools. but YOLO!First came the evolution games where were pretended to be eggs then played rock, paper, scissors in order to evolve until we became human. I was one of the last to evolve so i am sadly lacking in skills.
And then we played the wizard, troll and dwarf game, which became a fast favourite as we were all pretended we were at Hogwarts having dueling lesson. By the end, my Expelliarmus spell would have given even Harry a run for his money.
But overall it was a lovely second day and by the end of it i had some fantastic ideas about the work we will be under taking come july and also we had spend the day discuss what we though poverty was and what where the root causes if poverty as well as what if we had the chance to stop do we think would absolve the world of poverty. I myself chose ridding the world of Corruption and Also having better Governess. But i would love to hear your thoughts as well so please comment down below.

p.s. Remember if you can spare anything i would love for you to show some support and donate here  or texting ICMM90 PLUS THE AMOUNT TO 70070.

But i will speak to y'all soon.
Issie xox


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