Thursday, 5 June 2014

Whats in my Travel makeup bag?

When i go travelling i dont really like to carry that much makeup. one of the reasons being that i dont really tend to wear much save for so some mascara and lipstick and make be a little contour. I want to skin to breathe and relax as well. I am soo excited since i am going to the Dominican Republic on Saturday.  I am packing at the moment and so i thought i would share a mini travel series with you guys starting with whats in my travel make up bag.  I brought the bag it self from primark and its amazing since you can hang up.
The bag- Primark
I always have to make sure that i remember my lib scrub since i really really dont have a liking for cracked lips and i just love wearing my lipsticks. I will be taking my up the amp as well,i just could see it within sights when i was  taking pictures.

 I am off to buy some last minutes bits now so

 I will talk to y'all soon
Issie xox



  1. Love the lush lip scrubs and so jealous of your mac blusher!
    Love your blog, beautiful!:)
    -Lauren xoxo

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