Thursday, 3 July 2014

Riverside Stripes

I can't believe that i leave for Africa in less than 4 days now. I am feeling a bit apprehensive not even about the trip  itself but, rather about my packing and how i am going to fit all my clothes and essentials i will need for 3 months in just one suitcase. I have been running around both at home and in london trying to get all my vaccinations done but also trying to say my goodbye and not miss out any one.
Necklace- H&M, Top- Cos, Skirt- H&M, Bag -Zara, Shoes- Primark

I though i would share an outfit i wore last week when i was out with my friend. She was kind enough to come around town with me whilst i did some errands and brought some last minute bits and pieces that i needed for my trip away. This is generally one of my go to pieces for shopping or maybe even early evening drinks with friends during the summer. I love how its a transitional outfit and can be dresses up or down. I love wearing just plan basic clothes with little ascents of colour especially now that the summer months are upon us. Plus i am finding any excuse to dress nicely atm since for the next 3 months or so i won't really be able to.

Talk to y'all soon

Issie xox


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