Sunday, 31 August 2014

Down Time

I thought i would share with you all what the team gets up to when we are not mudding up a house or building kitchen gardens, teaching english and helping out at the A.E.E offices. We have all loved the living room in our house and its become our chill room. I have been learning how to play guitar from both my Irish Hubs and Nicole but we also do a bit of yoga and stretching on the sofas as you can see with Lauren's Leg in the air.
Hubs sometimes decided to serenade us with a free concert and i swear if you close you eyes its Ed Sheeran right here with us in But i have been learning how to play Amazing Grace and Our God Is an Awesome God so keep an eye on this space!! I could be the next Taylor Swift!

Me, Lauren and Hubs (Reuben) chilling on our off day.
I Think i have been come the designated hairdresser since i have planted half my team since i have arrived. Even Reuben decided that he didn't want to miss out of this opportunity to get braids so we gave him a ponytail braid which he rocked for a few minutes before it  was quickly removed.
We try to bake at least every weekend so that we can introduce the Rwandan here with us to some of the foods we eat at home and here perhaps lies one of the reasons as to why i have put on so much weight since  arriving in Rwanda, the other being how much carbs we consume on a daily basis.  Rice rice rice rice pasta pasta pasta rice... potatoes.Reuben it turns out can't be left alone for long in the kitchen unless you want a black cake as he is holding up.
I would love to know what paddy was reading that left him that happy :)
Lauren and Emmanuel Raising the roof in their different ways :)
I am off to church now so i hope this reaches you guys well and you have been having a lovely weekend. I will be spending mine doing exactly what you are seeing on todays post. Doing nothing much and generally just being a lay about. One of our team members Kate is actually doing the sermon at the local church so that should be interesting.

I will talk to y'all soon and love y'all
Issie xox


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