Monday, 25 August 2014

Holy Communion

Another quick outfit post from Africa this time though i am in something a little different. Me and Lauren were kindly invited to one of our new Rwandan friends sons holy communion and our friend Grace was kind enough so also supply us with some traditional Rwandan dress. Now being Rwandan, i have had numerous opportunities to wear this but it was laurels first time and as such she was very excited.
As you guys know by now, i am not very big on colour and upon first seeing that the dresses we would be wearing were going to be Orange i threw a mini tantrum in my head and just went ahead and tried it on prepared to hate it though.
However, i was pleasantly surprised!!! I looked good if i do say so Grace has great Does that ever happen to you guys. you are prepared to hate something whether its an item of clothing or something to eat but then you are pleasantly surprised when you finally do try it on for size.  Its you want to read about the holy communion and also see what we got up to at the party then please read my travel blog here.
Top- All Saints, Dress- African made
The little kids getting their Holy Communion
With Lauren and the Special guest Igo (Graces Son).
Me and Lys decided to jump for joy when we left the party :)
The lovely ladies :)
On a side note, we only have three weeks to go now and i am so excited to be finally going back home to england. I am not normally a person who misses people having grown up travelling around the world but i am starting to miss my friends and family and just generally people who understand me and love me for who i am. Its has been a amazing experience in that i feel that i have grown so much and i have come to learn so much about my self but i want to go back to wearing makeup... eating ramen and being

I hope you are all enjoying you bank holiday and i will talk to y'all soon.
Love Y'all
Issie xox

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